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Lash me up

I feel like I start every single post with its been a while.. but heyyyyy boo’s it has indeed been a while lol!

So many exciting things have happened/are happening which I will catch you all up on real soon as I plan to do a Q&A style vlog (if you have any questions for it please leave a comment). Now if you’re wondering if I’m about to dedicate a whole ass post to false eyelashes, then you 100% right!


Aren’t they the real girls best friend? I saw something on twitter the other day that said ‘eyelashes bring out my inner badbitch’ and I just thought FACTS. When it comes to a full face beat or a natural subtle look what completes it?

ill wait.

Now daily, I wont wear lashes unless I’ve had singles done which is usually only for a holiday but if I’m ever going out for dinner, an event, date night basically anything other than work, my lashes will not be missing. For me they are an automatic eye brightening tool. They also take flirting to another level because when I bat my eyes I literally feel like I can take off in cloud of fairy dust lol.

Lash Brandssss

My go-to’s are usually Ardell wispies or an Eyelure exaggerate set but ya girl has upgraded!

So now when I’m feeling EXTRA extra its got to be a Lilly lash. There’s just something about knowing I have Lilly’s on my lid that make me feel real bouji. Probably due to the price but hey I’m here for it. I have the Miami set and I’m dying to try the Mykonos next.

tianna marissa lilly lash

But the real tea is the DollBeauty lash range! They are amazzzzziiinnnnnggggg. I hadn’t actually heard of them until I saw my friend wearing a pair and wanted to rip them off and stick them on myself. They look that good! I have the style Brandy and they are beautiful, they are actually crazily similar to Lily lashes but at over half the price, which is very interesting.

tianna marissa doll lash

Both are available at FalseEyelashes along with 100’s of other brands & styles!

Before I go can we take a minute to talk about lash applicators? I mean who even knew they existed because I defo didn’t. Now I’m not going to front and say that I wasn’t doing just fine with tweezers but these are like tweezers 2.0. They are built for sticking your lashes on without accidentally stabbing a hole through your eyelid (hasn’t happened but could) and they make life a whole lot easier. Big up FalseEyelashes again for introducing me to one! Game changer

tianna marissa

What’s your fave false eyelashes?

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