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Marine Moisture Mask

It sounds a lot scarier than it is I promise!

Procoal marine moisture mask

So first of all it is Wednesday, we’ve made it halfway through another week, can I get an Amen! I’ll admit this week hasn’t been the greatest, you know one thing happens and then the whole downward spiral effect but regardless, we move!

If you know me or have read this, you’ll know i’m a sucker for a good face mask. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to try something new, being the PROCOAL marine moisture mask! I suffer from combination skin (oily/dry) and with this BALTIC weather the dry parts have literally just. got. dryer. So i’m sure you can appreciate that moisture was more than needed.

Each mask in the pack is contained in its own little sachet and upon opening you’ll find it covered in product. Initially I struggled to actually unfold the mask as its so soft I was afraid I was going to destroy it lol. However once I got a hang of the folds it was easy to slap on.

After around 15 minutes, of dancing around my room with it staying in place, I removed the mask and as instructed rubbed the remaining product into my face, think a oily/gel like cream. My skin was very noticeably glowing, though I put this down to the remaining product leftover. As I was going to bed I didn’t add anything else as I felt like this was more than enough. However the next morning my skin was still very glowy and moisturised. Always a good sign!

Fortunately, I still have a few masks left in the pack. So I’ll continue to do one a week until they run out! Keep an eye on my instagram for my final thoughts!

PS – You can still currently get 20% off all products at PROCOAL by clicking here!

Do you have any face mask faves?


This post is in collaboration with Procoal, though all thoughts and opinions are my own

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