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Nutribuddy review

nutribuddy breakfast shake tianna marissa

Hello beautiful people! Following on from my previous Nutribuddy post, I thought id catch you all up with a quick, and of course honest, review.

Snowed in!

But first, I have to mention the weather we’ve just experienced. Snow in March? Like let us live. Not only did it ruin my London plans but it was just really nothing but an inconvenience. The only thing I gained from it was 4 duvet days and I literally ate and binge watched Scandal my way through them all. My car did not move from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon lol. Of course I could have been much more productive with my time but you know.. life!

Back to biz!

Now this really is a quick update as yet again I’m writing this post in work like the rebel I am. If you have me on Instagram or Snapchat I doubt you managed to miss my numeroussssss boomerangs of the shake lol. I had way too much fun with it! Though if you did, I was kindly given the opportunity to the try the 14 days supply. I chose to spread my 14 days over the days I work (Mon – Thurs) as that’s when I am most in need of a convenient and easy routine for breakfast.

I chose the vanilla flavour and was very right in doing so! It was soooo good and honestly I am more than fussy when it comes to food. On the days I was feeling a little more sweet toothed I added some honey to the mix! The shake itself is a blend of oats, coconuts and seeds and I’m not a someone that worries about bits in drinks (I like the original Tropicana) However if you are, the more you shake it the smoother it gets, so its legit a win win.

Real life results

Results wise I have definitely found my stomach to be less bloated but I have been working out regularly, meal prepping healthily and using the breakfast shake, so of course I cant pin point it to one thing. Like anything it should always be an addition to a balanced lifestyle/diet and that’s how I used it.

So if like me you’re looking for a convenient, tasty, low budget breakfast option, the Nutribuddy breakfast might just be the one for you! Especially as its gluten, sugar, soy/lactose free, suitable for vegetarians/vegans AND low-calorie!




*This post is in collaboration with Nutribuddy, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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