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Birthday weekend in Paris

Tianna Marissa birthday

tianna marissa birthday
CO-ORD: Oh Polly BAG: Asos HEELS: Ego

So after having a girls dinner at Aluna (shoooccckkkkkkkkk) I spent my 25th birthday weekend in Paris! In fact let me start by saying Im mad at myself for only posting this now. A whole 3 weeks later, especially as I had promised myself a week turn around but you know.. life! After some real technical difficulties, I hate Youtube. I managed to produce what I would say is a half decent vlog.

This was my second time in Paris and I much prefer it in the summer! Me and Nicole stayed at the BOB hotel (highly recommended) went to VIP Room Friday night and the usual tourist stuff. Anything else you’d like to know just ask!

My birthday was amazing and im glad im getting to share some of it with you all! I really hope you enjoy it, please like, comment, share, subscribe alllla dat if you do.

Lots of love!


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