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Hello 2019

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Happy New Year my loves, doesn’t 2019 genuinely feel newish?!


I really want to start this post solely by expressing my gratitude to those of you who actually read these things, watch my vlogs and keep up to date with me on socials. Without you guys I would not be able to justify my time doing these things so thank youuuuuuu from the bottom of my little heart.

As you may guess from the above, one of my only resolutions is to show more gratitude and generally just be gentler on myself. Less negative thoughts, less doubts, less time spent on undeserving things/people, you know, the usual. Now these are things that I do already practice but would like to really master. Of course, I’m not perfect. I posses attributes that I don’t exactly love about myself but I’m learning to work on them in a more constructive, positive way. In short I just want to be a good person, well the best version of me!


I also want to focus more of my time on this, ‘Blogging/Vlogging’ whatever you’d like to call it. I was very lucky to end the new year becoming a brand ambassador for Socialight, in talks with new business and working with bigger brands etc and it genuinely boosted my morale! Its no secret that I sometimes need a push or reminder in the right direction. So for 2019 I aim to produce more regular content, work with more businesses/brands and SHAMELESSLY promote myself and my work. Something I currently struggle with, as I worry about boring people lol but is very necessary.

One of the key things ill be focusing on this year is a Youtube series. God willing I hope to it start in the next few weeks. Which ill speak more on at the time but please subscribe in the meantime to stay up to date!


As I mentioned in last years New Year post I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to diaries and after much deliberation I settled on a dateless daily planner from UO. (currently on my insta story) It sold me with its ‘time table’ panel and ‘to-do’ section so here’s to another year of being an organised b*tch!

Well that is all I really came to say. I’m officially back in work after a chilled but perfect Christmas and NYE. Which I spent indoors with my best friend eating Chinese and creating our vision boards for the year! So you can imagine today in the office is a bit of a struggle.

I’d love to know your new years resolutions or any simple changes you’d like to make!


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