“The person most likely to be a millionaire by 23”

I’m 24. That is what I wrote about myself in my Primary School leavers book lol. Gotta love the confidence

Im a big believer in “if your not happy, leave” and that goes for everything! Its also no secret that Im a university dropout. It was a path I didn’t feel right on and a course I just really wasn’t enjoying. So I came home a little disappointed with myself, degree less and to no job or car and I was broke as hell lmao but the worst part was I felt lost and pretty directionless. The only certainty I had was that I enjoyed Marketing and was pretty good at it. Why I didn’t just get a degree in Marketing I don’t know. But guess what? its been the most beneficial decision I’ve ever made.


The only right path is YOUR path

Now I really salute every single person that sees it through and gets there degree. Though I also salute those who find another path. University isn’t for everybody, I believe that 100%. To think that you have to have a degree to get somewhere in life is very small minded but I understand the pressures of society and your environment. Now I do think everyone is capable of getting a degree, if they put their mind to it but I just don’t think everybody needs to. My humble opinion

Law of Attraction

Anyway fast forward a year and I really spoke shit into existence. I work full time in marketing (chosen over a graduate by the grace of God) Im part of the team at Ego Ent, I have launched this site and im no longer broke! Okay I’m semi broke due to a spending addiction but thats for another story. Now I am not delusional lol, I am absolutely no where near where I plan to be in life but I’m somewhere. I’m also wayyy closer than I was this time last year and as I say on my birthday each year ‘every year better than the last’ and it really is. Growing and Glowing!

Most importantly though mentally, I am so much happier and stronger and lets be honest, that’s whats really important, cause seriously ‘how you gon’ win when you aint right within?’  you aint.


Your dream or theirs?

Now I definitely do not plan to work a 9 – 5 for the next 40 or even 10 years of my life and that’s no shade towards those who do, I’ve just never been that type of person. I want to create things and help people in some way or another and I don’t think I can do that behind a desk working towards someone else dreams.

Even though I have a plan, I really have no idea where I’m going to be in 5/10 years. Do any of us? But I do know the type of woman I want to be and I know God has got me. So for now I’m going where my heart takes me and I hope you all join me on this beautiful journey we call life.


Are you on your path?