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fight fear

tianna marissa fight the fear blog post
How many times have you let fear dictate your life?

Can you believe it took me nearly three months to release to the world. I honestly look back now like what the f*ck was I waiting for? Okay so I did continuously make minor adaptations. It also did take me a little while to customise it to the image I had in my head. This is my baby of course I wanted it to be perfect! Realistically though, that only took a few weeks, so what was I really doing for months?

Stalling, that’s what.

I continuously thought insecure, negative, self-destructive thoughts such as “who do I think I am, no one’s going to read this, why are you wasting your time” the list goes on. I mean since when did I even care what people thought? The Cardi in me however was like, girl you betttaaaaa. So I did!

I swear when clicking the ‘make public’ button I had one of those ‘just throw your whole phone away’ moments. I literally pressed post, threw my phone and pretended it didn’t happen for a whole 20 minutes lol. The response to it however, made my heart warm. All the views, comments and general support I felt over the following few days was beyond what I would imagine. Believe me I feel stupid for ever sweating!

But like any piece of creative work, it’s a piece of me and a gateway to my personality. Anything like that takes guts to put out in to the world, especially the cruel world that is social media, but you really gotta do what you gotta do!

So what I’m trying to say here is “feel the fear and it do it anyway(another for book club). I’m definitely no stranger to jumping into the unknown being a uni dropout but fear is just one of those inevitable things in life. Its how you fight fear that’s important. Due to every interview I have watched and book I have read, I know the only people who reach success are the ones who jump.

Anyway I’m so, so grateful for every event I’ve been to, opportunity I’ve been presented, product I’ve been gifted with, review I’ve been asked to write and I’m even more thankful for those to come. I feel like I’ve found my path, a direction and most importantly something I love doing. Imagine if I didn’t start this down to something so trivial as fear, none of this would be happening.

So whatever it is you need to do, to start doing what you love, do it.


Fight fear and Jump too!



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