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Kiehl’s on Wheels

kiehls bristol

On Thursday I luckily spent the evening at Kiehl’s VIP blogger event, little old me a VIP!  So thank you to both Hannah’s and Matthew for arranging such a cute event and for having me. Having only previously tried one product of Kiehl’s (midnight recovery) and having problematic skin, that is currently breaking out like a mofo! I was obviously keen to find out more about the brand.

The evening began with Prosecco, cakes and obviously time to take photos!

kiehls blogger event

Of course I had a couple cupcakes

We were briefed about the history of Kiehl’s and educated on various products, what they did and importantly what they contained. There was even a quiz that I have to admit I failed miserably on. I didddd however learn that Kiehl’s combine nature with science to produce the best products for all skin types. Skin care goals!

Hannah was amazing in describing in detail how each product benefits you and was especially considerate of what would really help my oily skin issues!

Just some of the products we tried..

And with each product we had the chance to try it out on our hands or face, best believe I left with hands smoother than a babies bum

Now these smart little patches tested the oil level on your face by the amount of dots that appeared! I know I have oily skin so wasn’t surprised to see the one I placed on my forehead fill up fast but what was interesting was that my cheeks had barely any and are actually rather dry! Combination skin at its finest.


Matthew and his beaut counter!

kiehls cribbs causeway

I’ll be going back in for a skin consultation with Matthew and can’t wait to finish trying out all the goodies kindly provided in the gift bag. If you find yourself at The Mall in Cribbs Causeway be sure to visit the counter in John Lewis, its honestly fab and all the staff will be able to help you with your skin needs. They also benefit from the use of the beauty room, perfect for a private luxury facial.

I might just be a Kiehl’s convert but ill keep you updated!





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