Aluna, Bristol

The Bristol food scene is a competitive place but Aluna, Bristol is strongly holding its spot in the top, If you haven’t been already what are you waiting for?!

Aluna bristol

Expect fire and smoke but thats just the cocktails!

Atmosphere is important!

I have lost count of the amount of birthdays, including my own that I have celebrated in Aluna. Im just convinced this place gets better with time. The main thing that keeps us running back is the laid back atmosphere, dimmed lights and mix of music and food. It really reminds me of London and who doesn’t love London?

On the menu you’ll find something for everyone, this is proved by satisfying our very different taste buds, Its also incredible value for money. Ive shamelessly tasted most things on the menu and went for the Thai Green Curry again though the table held a mix of nachos, satay chicken, steak, salmon and noodles. I admit I probably sampled a little of everything, not my best idea as I wanted to sleep after and that was not in our plan.

aluna bristol menu

aluna bristol nachos

aluna bristol thai green curry

Thank you Mr Manager

Our initial waiter, who also happened to be the manager was a whole lot of fun! He also impressively took all our orders without writing them down. Witchcraft or magic? And on finding out we were celebrating a birthday he came back with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco, TWICE! Now thats what you call hospitality. 

aluna bristol cocktail

An overall faultless night with great service and even better food and drinks. So from the table full of girls who kept you entertained with our attempt at a photoshoot and terrible singing.. thank you Aluna, for another perfect evening!

Ill definitely be back for a date night soon. 




P.S I am a massive foodie! So ill be dragging my friends and boyfriend to alllll the good food spots I can find in the South West. Recommend anywhere I should go? Leave me a comment!


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