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Or so I’ve been told..



I promise you the worst thing you can ever do is hate yourself and your appearance or compare yourself to someone else. Any older and wiser woman will tell you, It’s a downward spiral and with such a negative and self-harming way of thinking you can make allll the changes you like but deep down, you will never be content.


Embrace what God gave you and learn to love it, I’m not saying you can’t strive to have a smaller waist, thicker thighs or slimmer arms but learn to love what you have whilst you work for what you want. The more you fall in love with yourself the more you’ll love the process and every step will seem that little bit easier. You know what they say ‘the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence’.  STRAIGHT FACTS!

Work For It

We all know nothing worth having comes easy. Unless you have a fast metabolism, was born with abs and can eat what you like.. that girl isn’t me. *Cries in fried chicken* Then you have to face facts that if you are unhappy with something you have to put in work to change it! I am an avid gym goer, well when I find the time and motivation lol, I have an image in my head of my body but at the best it can be so instead of complaining, I work for it. I’m naturally voluptuous which I find a blessing but it comes with thick thighs, a chubby belly and a little back fat, which in an ideal world I probably wouldn’t want but reality is, its mine and all I can do is embrace it while I improve it.

Social Media

Don’t believe the hype! Sites like Instagram and Tumblr are full of ‘perfection’ but word to Kendrick I’m so fucking sick and tired of the Photoshop. Its unrealistic and unhelpful in a society full to the brim with pressure to look flawless every, single, day. I’m not against brightening a picture or adding a filter but editing out cellulite or clinching in your waist with an app is selling a lie that I personally, don’t support. It’s important to distinguish between a badass picture and a straight up fake one. I mean we all got them anglesssss but don’t get caught up in the perfect selfie that was probably created by three different apps. Believe in your own sauce.

“Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marksss”

Skin Deep

Who needs another perfect woman anyway? The world is full of pretty women. We need more real women. Women with personality and power. Women that bring more to the table than a pretty face or good body. Women that can draw the attention of the room with words alone. Be THAT woman.

Thats the woman I’m trying to be anyway.


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