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A virtual book club?!

For as long as I can remember and probably due to some old school American film, I have wanted to join a book club.

The whole idea of meeting up in a cosy coffee shop or library and discussing the months book with like-minded people has always been dreamy to me but I just couldn’t (or was too lazy) to find a group that read the type of things I am in too. Then the other day whilst ordering new books it hit me, a virtual book club.

Id never heard of a virtual book club before but after some brief research I found they are doable. So here I am, starting my own. Who knows if it’ll work or be of any success but I read regardless so why not hey!

I’m currently going through a growing/finding myself stage of life and for the last few years I have been heavily into self-development, self-love and success type books so that’ll be the theme for now. Each month ill be posting a brief review of the months book and hope you’ll all join me in the comments with your own thoughts.

This months book is: What I know for sure – Oprah Winfrey

If you will be reading it with me, I hope its good lol and I look forward to hearing your thoughts! I aim to review each book on the first of the month but subscribe and you’ll be emailed as soon as its up.


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