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The Ashville Steakhouse

The Ashville steakhouse bristol

The Ashville Steakhouse

Those who know me know that steak is my absolute FAVE! It doesn’t matter where I go, I’ll always look for the steak option lol. Up until now, sadly nothing had beaten the steak I mentioned in Birthday Baecation but boyyy do we have a contender with The Ashville! Side note* I am actually giving up red meat soon (I say this with a tear) In my quest to eventually go vegetarian but that is a story for another time.

I had heard of The Ashville prior so I was buzzing when Socialight hooked the whole thing up. Its located in Southville, easy to find and was a nice change to the usual hustle and bustle of the city centre. This had no impact on the atmosphere though as from the outside you could see it was pretty busy!

I visited on Saturday evening and on arrival we were greeted by the lovely owner Sandor who promptly directed us to our table. The menu is short and sweet but for me this is always a tell-tale sign that the foods about to be good! Quality over quantity and all. I will most definitely be back with mum to try the Sunday roast soon!

The Ashville Steakhouse

The Ashville steakhouse bristol

the ashville steakhouse bristol

Farm To Plate

After browsing over the menu and specials board, myself and partner both opted for the steak option. For myself the 10oz Fillet – medium with chimichurri sauce and him the 8oz Sirloin – medium with peppercorn sauce. Both arrived with home cooked style chips (amazing) and a side salad but most importantly they arrived cooked to absolute perfection! This surprised me as fillet is a pretty thick piece of meat and I often have to send it back. We of course added a side of onion rings and me trying to somewhat stick to my healthy eating plan some seasonal veg.

Everything and I mean everything, from the steak to carrots were cooked beautifully. You could really appreciate the effort behind the meal. (When you’re both silent through the meal you know its going down!) The peppercorn and chimichurri sauces also deserve their own special mention because both can often be done wrong but these were full of flavour and perfectly balanced! The quality of the meat spoke for itself and on conversation with Sandor I was made aware that their meat is sourced locally from a butchers in Buxton. Something The Ashville pride themselves on is their ‘Farm to Plate’ ethos and rightly so!

the ashville steakhouse bristol

The Ashville Steakhouse

the ashville steakhouse bristolthe ashville steakhouse bristol

Just look at those onion rings!! 

I really wanted to try a dessert from the specials menu but I was sooooo full up I would have probably thrown up. Seriously, thats happened to me before. They had some seriously drool worthy options though. Now my mouth is watering writing this and I honestly couldn’t sing any more praises If I tried so please, just go and experience The Ashville for yourself and thank me when you do!


PS- I knew being a foodie would come in handy one day, just call me critic Tee

This post is in collaboration with The Ashville, though all thoughts and opinions are my own

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  1. Narlie
    March 28, 2018 / 10:51 am

    The steak and chips look so good!

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